A Journey Through Technology

Resources for using Canvas

One of my goals for this course is to learn how to use an LMS to build my blended course, and allow students to have access to all materials in a dedicated online classroom environment.

This is the first video I watched to get started:

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Virtual Teaching and Learning ILP

This is my first year of teaching where I have daily access to Chromebooks for my students, and I hope to use these to eventually make all of my classes blended. Having daily access to technology has been a desire of mine since I started this degree program. Having a blended chemistry class, my goal for this class, would allow my students to take control of their learning and also allow differentiation in my class. I want my more advanced students to be able to move on to topics that challenge them, while allowing my other students to be challenged at their own level.

In order to provide an organized environment for the blended class, I want to explore online LMS options such as Canvas and Moodle to distribute lessons to students. I want students to be able to unlock new lessons as they progress, potentially giving every student the opportunity to move onto the more advanced topics if they so desire. I currently use Google Classroom to deliver online content to students, but there is not an easy way to allow students to progress through lessons without posting them all at once.

Chemistry is a lab-based class, so the potential for online labs is essential to the success of a 100% online class, and could still be useful in a blended classroom. My hope is that with a blended classroom, there wouldn’t’ be as much of a need for online labs, but it could provide students with choices in the types of activities that we do. I already use PhET simulations with my students, but could also expand my use of these to help all levels of students be more successful in chemistry.

I am very excited about this class and hope that I can start transferring my knowledge to my classroom right away. I am actually going to be trying a blended and differentiated unit for the next unit in my chemistry classes that starts on Friday September 15th, so that will be a great starting place for me in this class.


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