A Journey Through Technology

Week 10 Reflection

on March 26, 2018

Our topic this week was cyberbullying. I find it hard to even imagine what high school would have been like for me if we had as much technology as we have now. I was bullied throughout school, though no where near the extent that some students have experience. It any of my bullies would have been able to reach me anywhere, at any time, I know things would have been much more miserable for me. To think that students are constantly in contact with each other, not only during the school day, but pretty much any hour of the day, it isn’t surprising that bullying has become a part of those interactions.

We had a cyberbullying incident at my school this year that impacted multiple students, and as we discussed as a staff, immediately I though of the importance of teaching digital literacy to all of our students to try and prevent something like this from happening again in the future. I think that a well-implemented digital citizenship class could go a long way in reducing how many students partake in cyberbullying, and also the number of students that become victims of cyberbullying.

One way that I am going to try and address this issue is by using more online communication between students so that students can see examples of positive online interactions, which will hopefully encourage more positive interactions between each other. This might take the form of a class blog, where students can post learning reflections, or maybe more of a discussion board where students can ask and answer questions about our current topics. I’ve thought about starting one of these in the past, and now that I’m more aware of how I can teach my students about digital citizenship through my science classes, this really seems like the right time.


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