A Journey Through Technology

Week 7 Reflection

on March 10, 2018

This week we looked at some different tools that can be used in education to help students learn about digital citizenship. I focused on three of the tools from this week: Digital Driver’s License, Digital Compass, and Digital Passport. The two tools that I liked the most were the driver’s license and the compass. I think if we were to start integrating digital citizenship into the curriculum, the driver’s license could be a good focus because teachers can create lessons that are specific to their content areas. The digital compass was most appealing to me because it is a tool that could be used in most any classroom. When I start incorporating digital citizenship into my classroom, the compass activities could be integrated seamlessly into my curriculum, especially since I’m using technology a lot more often in the classroom.

One thing that I want to make a goal of, is that when my students learn about digital citizenship, I want their final project to be making a presentation about proper digital citizenship in chemistry and forensics, that could then be shared with students in other classes, as well as future chemistry and forensics students. I want to make the digital citizenship aspect of my classroom to be student-centered, and that seems like a great way to get them as involved as possible in the process.


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