A Journey Through Technology

Week 6 Reflection

on March 3, 2018

The focus for this week was the nine elements of digital citizenship explained by Mike Ribble. The way he divided the elements of digital citizenship really breaks things down nicely so that you can focus on one important aspect at a time. He also provides examples of what that specific element looks like if it isn’t being followed, and then if it is, as well as examples of where this might pop up in school. I thought each element was well defined and necessary to overall digital citizenship, and I think the way he breaks them down serves as a good guide if a teacher was to use these elements in their own class.

As I start prepping for next year, I will be taking a more serious look at how I can implement digital citizenship into my classes, and I think that the nine elements will be my starting point. I could easily plan lessons for every couple of weeks that touch on each of the nine elements, and then find ways to incorporate them into my content area so that students are using the nine elements on a regular basis in my classroom, and hopefully extending into their everyday lives. Also, if a digital citizenship course was to be developed for my school or district, I think that the nine elements would be a great way to split up the units for the course.


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