A Journey Through Technology

Week 3 Reflection

on February 5, 2018

This week we looked at character education and how it is related to the idea of digital citizenship. After looking through the resources this week and looking at what my fellow classmates posted, I think that if schools focused more on character education, digital citizenship could easily come from character education. It is a bit disappointing to me, especially as a parent, that schools need to focus more on character education. It is definitely not an easy task, and I can see how parents could really use some help in that area, but it is unfortunate that some students would only every get character education at school.

I now realize the importance of offering character education, and think that districts should put much more emphasis on offering character education to all of their students. If districts focus more on character education, digital citizenship could easily be incorporated into the curriculum, so all students are exposed to the concept. Once districts start to focus on character education and digital citizenship, we could easily incorporate digital citizenship into all classes. It would definitely need to be a group effort, however, if we want to make an impact on students. I don’t think only offering digital citizenship once would fix the problem. Digital citizenship would need to be an overarching concept in all of a students classes for actual change to happen.


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