A Journey Through Technology

Week 11 Reflection

on August 1, 2017

This week’s essential question really helped me to see how far I’ve come throughout this Ed Tech journey. I started with program thinking I wasn’t going to change anything about how I teach, and have made so many changes I don’t even think I could count them all. I hope that someday soon my classroom is successfully student-centered and my students can say that they enjoy my classes and learn a lot, maybe even liking chemistry by the time they are done. I will always be learning in my journey as an educator, and that is okay with me, because it means I will be doing what is best for my students.

This week I read and commented on Mariah’s and Douglas’s blogs. Douglas said that it is one of his goals this year to get his teachers to be leaders in technology instead of always being behind, and I think this exactly what we need in education. I know that time is going to be the biggest constraint to this goal, but maybe using a mentorship program for staff to help each other could be an answer to that. Teachers definitely need to be more confident in their technology abilities, and being leaders to the students will be good for everyone’s confidence.

Mariah talked about how hard it is to move out of your comfort zone and continue in learning as a teacher. She said she wants to focus on collaboration in her classroom and this is something I want to focus on as well. I want to give my students as many opportunities to collaborate with each other as I can, which will require me to move out of my comfort zone of doing things the way I’ve done them in the past. Hopefully this the year that I can overcome my fears and help my students learn in a student-centered classroom.

I look forward to using what I’ve learned this summer in my classroom this year. There isn’t much time before school starts again, but I’m so excited to see where my 21st century learning can take my students this year and into the future.


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