A Journey Through Technology

Week 10 Reflection

on July 23, 2017

This week really helped me to start putting all of my thoughts and resources about makerspaces together so I can start planning out my makerspace proposal. All of the resources we’ve collected throughout this course will be important in developing my proposal, and so many of them are full of reasons why makerspaces should be used in school.

This week I read and commented on Jule’s and Brian’s blogs. Jule shared the vision statement for her district and then explained how each part would be supported by the implementation of a makerspace. I found the community connection piece very helpful because connecting to the community can be a very hard thing for schools to do. Jule’s post also showed me that I need to look at my district’s mission/vision in addition to my school’s mission.

Brian summarized the NMC Horizon Report 2015, which detailed multiple reasons for why makerspaces are a good educational tool. Two aspects he summarized, real-world connection and preparing students for the future resonated with me because those are both parts of my school’s mission statement. The resources that Brian shared will be very useful to me when I write my proposal.

This week really helped me feel more comfortable with my abilities to argue in favor of a makerspace in my school and I feel confident that my proposal will be convincing enough to actually get a makerspace in my school.


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