A Journey Through Technology

Week 9 Reflection

on July 17, 2017

This week we looked at planning “Maker Day”, which I found to be a very intriguing idea. I almost feel as thought I could plan a “Maker Day” before trying to actually build a makerspace, to try and build support for funding and get students excited about the idea of a makerspace. A “Maker Day” seems a little less daunting that starting a full-on makerspace, especially if I can recruit volunteers from the community and the school.

I read and commented on Mariah’s and Douglas’s blogs this week. Douglas had an interesting comment about the purpose making a national event out of Maker Days. I can only imagine the extra support and funding that could follow if schools everywhere sponsored a Maker Day on the same day every year. I think I read somewhere this week that June 18th is National Maker Day, which isn’t very helpful for schools, since quite a few are either already done for the year, or just wrapping up. Maybe June 18th as National Maker Day would be a fun way to end the school year, and get the community and students excited for what’s to come the next year.

Mariah had a wonderful idea in her post about the culminating project of her makerspace being the Maker Day where students use the expertise they have gained from using the makerspace to become presenters for the Maker Day. This really makes me think about the order of things, because I think this would provide students the opportunity to really take charge of the Maker Day. I think this could really be awesome if there was an actual makerspace class offered at my school.

This week got me thinking about so many ways that a Maker Day could work. I could do a Maker Day first, to get people excited about a potential makerspace, or, thanks to Mariah, could use the makerspace as a gateway to hosting a Maker Day, with students taking on a lot of the organizational and presentation duties as a final project for the makerspace. I definitely have a lot to think about as I start preparing my makerspace, or possibly Maker Day, proposal.


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