A Journey Through Technology

Week 8 Reflection

on July 9, 2017

This week we looked at if it is possible to teach something we don’t know, and I think that this is absolutely possible, especially as we move towards more student-centered classrooms and teaching styles. Teachers take on a facilitator role, providing students with the proper opportunities to learn, in their own way, possible learning things that I may not be as knowledgeable about. This requires me to give up some of the control in my classroom, which is uncomfortable, but may be just what my students need to get the most out of their education with me.

This week I read and commented on Jule’s and Brian’s blogs. Jule had some really good points about teachers being “guides and inspirers”, as well as being a lifelong learner. I think wanting to be a lifelong learner myself can help students in their journey to become lifelong learners by taking control of their education. Jule’s post this week made me think of how I taught something that I didn’t know everything about this past year in my Forensics class. Sometimes in class, I was learning right along with my students, but that isn’t necessarily bad. This next year I will have another opportunity for this as I prepare to teach Forensics II, and extension of the forensics class I taught last year.

Brian’ post was very interesting this week, because he started out by saying that teachers cannot teach what we don’t know, but finished his first paragraph by saying that “What a teacher can do is give each student the skills to teach themselves and others.” To me, this is what teaching is actually becoming. We aren’t as much needed to share our content knowledge with students as we are needed to help them learn how to learn on their own. Brian’s perspective really made me think more in depth about what it means to teach, in a traditional sense and also in a student-centered sense.

This week really got me thinking about what it means to teach, and what my goal as a teacher is for my students. I am starting to work on my plans for teaching this next school year, and this will definitely be something I think about as I work on those plans.




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