A Journey Through Technology

Week 7 Reflection

on July 3, 2017

This week was a big week for me in terms of my vision of my makerspace. I initially intended for my makerspace to be something I create within my classroom, using some of the space in my already crowded classroom. For some reason, the idea of using a separate room never really occurred to me until this week. We will have two empty classrooms in the science hall starting this year, and while they might not always be empty, one of them could very easily be converted into a makerspace for the time being. With this new possible location becoming part of my vision, it was a little easier to come up with some basic starting rules for my makerspace.

My learning this week was impacted by the readings for this week, as well as reading Mariah’s and Douglas’s blogs. Mariah shared her school rules of “Responsible, Respectful, and Safe”, which I really think cover any rules you would need in a makerspace. She also went into detail on each of those, giving you a better idea of what it means to be “Responsible, Respectful, and Safe” in a makerspace specifically. She also shared her “Big, Basic Rules” which would be very useful in a makerspace, one of which is having students get a signed permission slip to take part in the makerspace. I would imagine this is similar to the safety contracts I have my chemistry students sign, and makes complete sense for a makespace where some of the same hazards, and even more dangerous ones, can arise.

Douglas shared a list of rules from the Dallas Makerspace that made me think about whether or not my makerspace would be open to the public. Being open to the public would require quite a few more rules to be in place, and also having the makerspace better established, so I think to start my makerspace would only be open to students and staff at the school.

I impacted the learning of others through my blog post. Mariah read and commented on my post this week.

All in all this was a productive week. I am much more comfortable with the idea of starting a makerspace, especially because now that I think I have a location outside of my classroom where I could start one. I think the rules for my makerspace will evolve more over time, but I really like the idea of having kids get signed permission slips before they use the makerspace and potentially opening the makerspace to the public in the future.


One response to “Week 7 Reflection

  1. matical4263 says:

    You have a room to use. You are lucky, but it will make things stronger.


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