A Journey Through Technology

Week 4 Reflection

on June 12, 2017

This week we looked at how we can design a project to get students tinkering and making in our classrooms. As a chemistry teacher, this really seems to be a daunting task, but I think with some serious thought and effort it can be done.

This week my learning was impacted by doing the readings and research, as well as reading and commenting on Jule’s and Brian’s blogs. Jule mentioned that using a Maker Space in her classroom seems very intimidating and I completely agree! Even if I taught a different subject with easier applications, I think I would be intimidated. Both students and teachers tend to be reluctant to try new things, and a Maker Space is definitely unknown territory that could be scary for all involved. Reading through Jule’s blog also made me think that maybe I could make some sort of variation of maker space that would be suitable for chemistry. Jule also emphasized that maker spaces need to be relevant to students in order to be successful.

Brian shared his project idea to use in his class and it was a great example of mixing math and making. His project also inspired me to figure out a project for my chemistry class! After reading Brian’s project, I thought up a project where students would design and build a representation of an element, including protons, neutrons, and electrons, and the spaces they each belong. Students could use any materials to build their projects, and I would probably build a supply of materials for them to select from, though they wouldn’t be limited by that. Brian’s blog really contributed to my learning this week because it helped me overcome the block of figuring out my project!

I impacted the learning of others mainly through my blog post this week. Douglas and Mariah read and commented on my blog this week.

This week started out rough for me because I couldn’t think of a project, but after reading through Jule’s and Brian’s blogs, I was able to figure one out. I have my idea and now I need to work on getting the project more classroom ready.

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