A Journey Through Technology

Week 3 Reflection

on June 5, 2017

This week we looked at the benefits of letting students struggle and figure things out on their own. This topic is relevant to me as a teacher, but also as a parent. My learning was impacted this week by reading and commenting on Douglas and Mariah’s blogs. I impacted the learning of others through my blog post and resources. Douglas and Brian read and commented on my blog post this week.

I was reading through Douglas’s blog and he shared some insights about letting our own children struggle and not always stepping in to help them. This really resonated with me as I have a three year old daughter who already wants to give up when she doesn’t do something the first time. I need to work on letting her struggle so she learns it is okay to fail, and hopefully develops a growth mindset as she grows up.

I also read and commented on Mariah’s blog this week. Mariah talked about how hard it is for her to let her students struggle on a math problem and let them figure it out for themselves. I have this same issue in chemistry. I always want to just do the problem for the students, but that isn’t going to help them learn at all.

The main take-away I have from this week is that the growth mindset is crucial for students getting the benefits of struggling and figuring things out on their own. Tinkering really gives an opportunity for this because there is a lot of trial and error when you are building something. If you don’t keep trying, you won’t get to see a final product that actually works.

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