A Journey Through Technology

Week 2 Reflection

on May 28, 2017

This week we looked at the relationship between tinkering, hard play, and the growth mindset. My learning was impacted by reading and researching for my blog post this week, as well as reading the comments on my blog and reading Jule’s and Brian’s blogs. I contributed to the learning of others through my blog post and resources, as well as commenting on Jule’s and Brian’s Blogs.

Jule compared and contrasted tinkering, hard play, and the growth mindset in her post this week. She shared a quote that talks about each of these contributes to not only an educational shift, but a societal shift. I think this is huge because there has been a shift in society as a whole in what it means to work hard and be successful. It would be nice if changing how we approach education could help the rest of society change for the better.

Brian gave some examples of what a fixed mindset looks like in students, and also how a growth mindset looks. So often I see student exhibiting traits of a fixed mindset, and Brian’s post got me thinking about what I can do to encourage students to embrace a growth mindset. I think I will be paying much more attention to student behaviors to try and figure out who is fixed and who is already in a growth mindset, and then work on trying to convert them to a growth mindset.

My reading and research this week shows me the positive impact that tinkering, growth mindset, and hard play could have in my classroom. I look forward to learning how to implement these ideas in my classroom.

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