A Journey Through Technology

Week 1 Reflection

on May 22, 2017

This week I was introduced to the constructionist learning theory, which has a lot in common with constructivism, which I am in the process of adopting as my main theory of learning in my classroom. I think the maker movement really embodies constructionism, and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about this during our class.

This week I commented on Mariah’s and Brian’s blogs, and Brian and Douglas commented on my post. Mariah wrote that she didn’t believe constructionism was a new theory, but rather it has actually started being used more in classrooms. Brian wrote that he thinks the theory is newer to education, but only because it isn’t commonly used as much in classrooms. I think we all agreed that the theories behind constructionism are not new, but new education movements, such as the make movement, are bringing constructionism to the forefront in education today. I really like a graphic that Brian shared that shows the differences between constructivism and traditional classrooms because I am currently adapting my teaching to the constructivist theory.

I look forward to learning more about constructionism and the make movement throughout this class and hope I can start weaving some constructionist ideas into my classroom next year.

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