A Journey Through Technology

Week 12 Reflection

on April 17, 2017

This week we looked at our context in our school and how controlled disruptions and coherence making fit into our leadership role where we are now. I was a bit apprehensive this week, partly because I wasn’t quite sure what was meant by controlled disruption and coherence making, but also because I tend to not want change on a regular basis. That may sound strange considering this whole class has focused on being able to lead through change, but sometimes in education it seems like they are trying to change things too often, which doesn’t really solve much at all. The Twitter chat this week really helped to clarify the question for this week, and after my initial posting, my understanding was clarified even more by reading the comments Tristan and Gerald wrote on my blog. I also read through Tristan’s and Andrea’s blogs this week, which really helped to solidify my understanding. I think I also contributed to the learning of others through my posts in the Twitter chat, by blog posting and resources, and by commenting on Tristan and Andrea’s blogs.

Tristan shared a resource that talked about the common occurrence of schools having too many disturbances without proper support, which causes a lot of frustrations for teachers. This has been my experience so far, for the most part. It seems that districts don’t give new programs much of a chance before they try something new. As soon as I get the hang of one thing, its time to try something new. I don’t think that is the intention of controlled disruption. Controlled disruption would be a lot more useful if teachers had more time to make sense of the disruption before moving on to something else.

Andrea shared her experience in her mentorship as an example of controlled disruption and coherence making. Reading about her experience really helped me to see how I used controlled disruption with my mentee, and also that the entire mentorship was a bit of a controlled disruption for me. Andrea’s post really clarified things at my level right now. Controlled disruption doesn’t have to impact all teachers at one school. Mentorship could be a way to initiate controlled disruption, resulting in coherence making for multiple teachers at once.

This week was a struggle for me to start, but I feel a lot more at ease with the concepts from this week and how I can use them to make myself an effective leader with my peers.


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