A Journey Through Technology

Week 11 Reflection

on April 10, 2017

This week was about knowledge creation and sharing, and the role they both play in healthy educational organizations. Some of the best lessons I’ve used in my classroom have come from other teachers. Unfortunately, there are not many chemistry teachers in my district, and we hardly ever get time to collaborate together and share ideas. After this week, I can see how crucial knowledge sharing is to successful educational organizations, and am encouraged by the idea of sharing more knowledge with my colleagues, both in this district and around the country.

This week Gerald, Natalie, and Josie commented on my blog. I read and commented on Tristan and Larissa’s blogs. These interactions, as well as the Twitter session and my research for my blog post, both contributed to my learning and to the learning of my classmates. Tristan shared an interesting quote about how sharing knowledge leads to a “competitive edge” for teachers. If teachers share with each other, they might have more time to work on their teaching skills instead of coming up with lessons. I know that sometimes I feel like I spend too much time trying to develop new lessons when I could be putting more effort into what I actually do in class.

Larissa shared a quote at the beginning of her post that made me think more about why more teachers don’t share: “Collaboration creates equality for all students.” This got me thinking about the reasons that teachers and administrators don’t share and collaborate? It would be interesting to take a survey of the teachers both in my school and my district to see why they don’t share knowledge and collaborate. I know the main obstacle for me is usually time, but I wonder if that is the only reason for everyone.

This week really got me thinking about how I can become a better knowledge sharer, and how I can approach the topic with my administration. I think the Edcamp idea is a great one, and would love to see a version of this sometime for a professional development day either at my school, or even at the district level. I look forward to having opportunities to speak with my administration about this idea, as well as some of the other things we’ve been discussing this semester.


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