A Journey Through Technology

Week 10 Reflection

on April 3, 2017

This week we looked at having the “right” and “wrong” people on our teams. My immediate answer to this week’s question was that we should get the wrong people off of our team, but after our Twitter session this week, and reading though my research, I have decided that shouldn’t be the first response. Instead we should work to help those who struggle as team members, giving them an opportunity to share what they have to offer, or adapt to the changes that are being made. Maybe they won’t be a good fit in the long run, but everyone needs time to try and show what they can do. This is encouraging to me, both as a team member, and as a potential leader. I know that I can use what I’ve learned this week to become a better team member, and hopefully a more effective leader.

My learning was impacted this week, and I impacted the learning of others, through the Twitter chat, my blog post and research, the comments on my blog, and reading and commenting on Larissa’s and Jim’s blogs. Larissa made a comparison between helping struggling students and helping struggling team members. She said that leaders should be willing to help weak team members just as they would be willing to help struggling students. This helped me see the potential we have as leaders to help the people on our team we might see as weak, and that we shouldn’t immediately discount them.

Jim talked a lot about what it means for someone to be the “wrong” person for a team. I realized upon reading his post, that I didn’t really think about what it means to be the “wrong” person. Jim mentioned a different moral purpose being the main thing, and I agree with that, but I need to think more about what else could make someone the “wrong” person. Jim’s post gave me a lot to think about this week.

Mentoring Update

I worked with my mentee this week to help her get more comfortable with the differences between her Google Drive and her Google Classroom. She is still working on getting students to join her online classrooms, and I think this week she will make an assignment for her classes to do entirely using the Google Classroom.


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