A Journey Through Technology

Week 9 Reflection

on March 27, 2017

This week we looked at the differences between teaching children and mentoring adults. Without any real mentoring experience, it would be easy to go into this project thinking it would be just like teaching my students, but after a few weeks of this project, I have seen that it is quite different from teaching my students. The readings and research for this week will definitely make me a better mentor because now I have a better understanding of what being a mentor actually means.

This week, I impacted the learning of others, and my learning was impacted by others, through the Twitter chat, reading and researching for the blog post, the comments on my blog post, and reading and commenting on Sara and Andrea’s blogs. Something in Sara’s post that really stood out to me was a quote that said that “the educational leader acknowledges that he or she is a learner as well”. I can honestly say that I have learned something from my mentee each week we have met throughout this project. I have been able to help her learn more about the technology, but I have also learned how to become a better mentor by working with her. I take her lead on what we need to spend time on, instead of going in with a pre-made list of objectives like I do with my students.

Andrea talked a bit about motivation for adults learners being necessary for them to learn and understand what they are learning. We want students to be motivated to learn in our classrooms, so why should adult learning be any different? I know that when a topic is important to me I am much more likely to take the time to learn and understand it.

This week really put things into a different perspective for me and I hope that I can use the information from this week to be a better mentor for this project, and also expand on my mentoring for other educators.

Mentoring Project Update

This week my mentee successfully created Google Classrooms for all of her biology class periods, and added her daily agenda PowerPoints so students can access them outside of class. She is getting better at distinguishing between her Google Classroom and Google Drive, and really likes being able to access her files from anywhere using her Google Drive. This week her plan is to download both the Google Classroom and Drive apps on her iPad and try using them at home, and also try doing an assignment in each class to get students 1: signed up for the class; and 2: try it out in class and see how it works.


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