A Journey Through Technology

Week 8 Reflection

on March 13, 2017

This week we looked at our “moral purpose” for teaching, and what strategies we currently use to support that moral purpose. One of the main takeaways I have for this week is that I realized I’m not doing as much as I think I can to fulfill my “moral purpose”. This week I determined that my “moral purpose” for teaching is to help all students learn and to make a meaningful impact on their lives. As I thought about this during the week, I thought of the strategies I currently use, plus other things I could be doing to better help my students. I think after this week I want even more to focus on my “moral purpose” and make sure I’m doing the best I can for my students.

This week, I impacted the learning of others through Twitter, my blog post and resources, and through reading and commenting on Jim and Sara’s blogs. My learning was impacted through the Twitter post, the research for my blog post, the comments on my blog by Jim, Tristan, and Gerald, and by reading Jim and Sara’s blogs. Jim mentioned “cookie-cutter curriculum” in hist post this week and it made me think about times I’ve used textbooks and their associated curriculum in my classes. Very rarely do those activities do what’s best for students, and typically students hate doing them. Jim’s post made me think of something another teacher told me my second year of teaching, that good teaching is exhausting. When I plan fun and engaging lessons, it takes a lot more work and effort than simply using the pre-made textbook lessons. In order to fulfill my moral purpose, I need to be planning and using as many non-textbook lessons as I can, to do what is best for the students.

Sara’s main focus this week was on taking care of ourselves as leaders. She made me think about how important it is for me to make time for myself and not give everything I have to my students. It is easy sometimes to give every extra minute to students without taking a second to think what I might need. I have recently started working out again, and I know that it has made a big different in my energy levels and mood, which I think is helping me to do what is best for my students and fulfill my moral purpose. At the end of her post, Sara also mentioned the need to change her teaching philosophy, which I can honestly say I have done over my seven years of teaching. It might not always be a drastic change, but adapting to your students is very important to being able to do what is best for them.

My mentoring project is going well so far, though this next week is spring break, so I won’t be meeting with my mentee again until the week of the March 20th. I have helped her learn how to use her Google Drive to make things accessible to her students, and she has posted her first assingment in her Google Classroom for her Anatomy students. I look forward to what we will accomplish after spring break.

I can’t believe we are headed into week 9 next. I feel like this class has barely starting and we are already more than half done. I look forward to learning more about myself as a leader and the components of leadership that I need to focus on more in the coming weeks.


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