A Journey Through Technology

Week 7 Reflection

on March 6, 2017

This week was about the five components of effective leadership and why they are all necessary. My takeaway this week is that balance is crucial to being an effective leader, and this is something I need to work on. I am looking forward to looking at each of the five components in more depth in the coming weeks so I can start working on my balance as a leader.

Both my learning and my impact on the learning of others this week came from Twitter, which I hosted with Larissa, my blog and the resources I shared, and through reading and commenting on Natalie and Tristan’s blogs. Natalie, Gerald, Josie, and Andrea commented on my blog this week. Natalie shared a resource that talked about traditional leadership training focusing on the wrong part of the brain. I think this is a big similarity to educational practices right now because as a whole, we haven’t shifted to the brain-based research that shows the best ways for students to learn. If leaders aren’t trained in the proper ways, how can we expect them to train their followers in the proper ways?

Tristan mentioned that leaders need to learn from both those within and outside the organization while change is occurring. I think its important to see what you are leading through multiple perspectives to determine how effective you are.

These past few weeks have really gotten me thinking about leadership in general and I look forward to taking a more active leadership role for the teachers both in my building and in my district.

Mentoring Journal

This week was a productive week. On Tuesday afternoon, I met with my mentee and helped her create a PowerPoint presentation to be used as a daily agenda in one of her classes, and then showed her how to save it to her Google Drive and post it in her Google Classroom so it can act as a living document, so it is always updated where her students can access it. Our goal for this next week is to try creating an assignment in the Google Classroom so that her students can use the Google Classroom in class. While we aren’t moving at the pace I outlined in my proposal, we are moving at a perfect pace for my mentee. I am taking her lead on how much we can do in one day, and also making sure we are covering what she wants to accomplish.


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