A Journey Through Technology

Week 6 Reflection

on February 27, 2017

This week was about shifting the teaching of our content from the “what” to the “where” and the “how”. My research, reading of other blogs, and the Twitter chat this week were very helpful in figuring this out, and actually helped to bring together ideas I’ve learned about through the past five classes I’ve taken in this program. Its nice to see that what I’ve been learning about can help me shift my content to the “where” and “how” for my students.

This week, I mainly contributed to the learning of others though my blog post, the Twitter chat, and my comments on Tristan and Gerald’s blogs. My learning was impacted a lot through my research, the Twitter chat, the reading for this week, and reading both Tristan and Gerald’s blogs. In Tristan’s blog, she talked about how difficult it is for teachers to switch to the method of learning that helps most students with the “where” and “how”, which is “imaginative learning or play”. She mentioned that this is hard for many teachers because it means having less control in the classroom, and I also have trouble with that. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so giving up control is hard for me to do. I know that giving up control will be beneficial for my students, as long as I plan ahead and am prepared for them learning in a different way.

Gerald talked about how hard it can be in math for students to get beyond the “what”. He shared a couple of mathematical modeling problems that are designed to have students use higher level thinking, and I think that is something I could really use in chemistry, too. It actually fits nicely with my gamification plan that I am hoping to start this fall in my chemistry classes. He did say that students tend to struggle with those types of problems, so I know that I will need to have the appropriate scaffolding in place for students when they need it.

Overall I am feeling very good about what we learned this week. I know that this is something I can use in my classes, and I look forward to spending time this summer developing some higher-level thinking problems for my students to try and move from the “what” of chemistry to the “where” and “how”.

Mentoring Journal Update:

I met with my mentee this week and we had a very good session. I helped her figure out some things on her new computer (she just got a Windows 10 computer on Friday) and introduced her to the Google Drive. I helped her download the Google Drive to her computer so she can easily access her drive files from her desktop. While this is not where I projected we would be going into our third week together, she is learning new things and becoming more comfortable with the idea of using them in her classes, so I consider this to be adequate progress. This next week I will be spending some time introducing her to the Google Classroom, and I hope that one of her goals (having daily bell assignments easily accessible for students to make up) will be accomplished by the end of the week.

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