A Journey Through Technology

Week 4 Reflection

on February 13, 2017

This week was about a comparing how we play to how we embrace change. I love to play games, so thinking about how I play was not hard for me. In most games, I find a strategy that I’m comfortable with, and then stick to it forever. Not a lot changes in the way I play or even approach games, so its not surprising that I’m not very quick to embrace change. I like to be comfortable, and that means not changing things around a lot. But, just looking back at my 6 years of teaching experience, I can see that change is everywhere. Education is constantly changing, and I need to be able to move with those changes if I want to be an effective teacher for my students. This week make me uncomfortable thinking about the changes I know I need to make, but I also feel more at ease knowing that pretty much all of us feel the same way. This school year has had me stepping out of my comfort zone more often than ever before. I think the key for me to become better at embracing change is to continue stretching my comfort zone until nothing makes me uncomfortable as an educator.

This week I impacted the learning of others through the Twitter chat, my blog post, and by reading and commenting on Tristan’s and  blogs. My learning was also impacted through Twitter and the comments on my blog, as well as by reading Tristan’s and Andrea’s blogs. Tristan talked about how she played as a child and what the authors of A New Culture of Learning described as play. I also played outside a lot as a child, at least until I started doing too many activities to have time to play outside, so that brought back some nice memories of my childhood. She also talked about the author’s description of play for adults involving learning to use a new electronic device. I found this interesting because I think deep down, to be described as “play”, someone needs to feel a sense of pride in their accomplishment. When I watch my 2 year old daughter play, she builds things with her blocks and is always saying “look at this, mommy”, proud of her creation. I feel the same sense of pride when I learn to use a new device, like when I learned (and am still learning) how to use my iPad. We want to show off when we play with something so we can share our experience with those around us.

Andrea talked about a quote from A New Culture of Learning about children using play to help process the new information around them. I can really see this in my daughter as she explores the world around her. Every object in our house becomes something that she can play with, being creative and using her imagination to help the world make a little more sense to her. Andrea’s blog helped me realize that activities I already use with my students could be considered play in this regard because they allow students to better understand new information. The trick for me is to be able to convince students that they should actually be playing and not just doing an assignment.

It was refreshing this week to see how many people have the same fear of change that I do. I know that I need to be a better risk taker. One hope I has is that by becoming a better risk taker myself, I will be able to help by students be better risk takers and in turn embrace change. It’s time for me to break my mold and welcome the unknown with open arms. If I can start embracing change, I know that I will become a better teacher and be better equipped to help my students become stronger learners.



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