A Journey Through Technology

Week 2 Reflection

on January 30, 2017

This week we looked at professional satisfaction and how it impacts a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom. To me, this is probably the biggest thing that impacts a teacher’s effectiveness. I can’t imagine a teacher being able to engage students and be effective if they aren’t satisfied in their position, whatever the reason. The research I did this week really got me thinking about my effectiveness in my classroom and how it is impacted by my satisfaction with my job. I love teaching, and I know that if I didn’t, I would not have a chance of being an effective teacher. Even though not all of the research I found this week supports this, I know that I can’t be effective if I don’t like what I’m doing.

This week I contributed to the learning of others by reading and posting on Tristan and Andrea’s blogs. Tristan shared her thoughts on professional satisfaction and effectiveness, and they are very similar to mine. I commented on some research that she shared that mentions burnt out teachers and how they aren’t usually as effective as those who are not. The burn-out issue also made me wonder if it is possible to do anything for those teachers who are burnt out, yet don’t want to quit, so they continue to be less effective in the classroom. She said something that struck a cord with me, “If teachers feel supported in their careers, the may have more satisfaction in their profession.” I know that being supported helps me to be more satisfied with my job, and I also know that in current times, teachers don’t always feel supported, whether its at school, or in the community.

I also read and commented on Andrea’s blog this week. Andrea took her blog in a different direction than Tristan because she was focused on finding a “mighty purpose”. I commented about her slogan, which I now need to borrow, which is that “All kids can learn, just maybe not in the same day or way.” Andrea also talked about how “mighty purpose” can lead to more inquiry opportunities for students in the classroom. I really liked that she looked at inquiry as the effectiveness that a teacher can have in the classroom, because this is a direction in which I want to take my classrooms.

I also participated in the Twitter chat this week, and we talked about wanting to be a great teacher, and how we can be more engaging and passionate teachers. I feel like I was able to contribute to the conversation, but I also learned from my classmates. Twitter allowed me to contribute to the learning of others, but also contributed to my own learning.

I found a lot of articles about job satisfaction and effectiveness this week, though I only shared two in my initial post. I really enjoyed the resources that both Tristan and Andrea shared, and I want to look more at the resources that Gerald shared this week. I think that any research on teacher job satisfaction is worth reading because I really do love teaching and want to make sure I continue loving it far into the future.


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