A Journey Through Technology

Week 1 Reflection

on January 23, 2017

This class is just what I needed right now. January is always the month of the school year when I get very frustrated and start to question what I’m doing in the classroom. The book for this course, Teach Like a Pirate, is just what I needed to end January on a positive note! I read through the first part of the book while traveling to Los Angeles on Friday for an International Baccalaureate training this weekend. Not only do I have the book to help me, but I am also encouraged by what I’ve learned this weekend. I am looking forward to the coming weeks in the class and learning more about becoming a more engaging teacher, as well as a leader in technology.

This week I read and commented on Jule and Natalie’s blogs. Jule talked about STEM and PBL being helpful in making content more relevant for students, and I am planning on designing PBL units over the summer for my regular chemistry classes, and maybe even forensics to try and make my classes more engaging. Natalie shared a quote from the book, “To be an engaging teacher requires planning, preparation, and presentation (Burgess, 2012)” I realized that I struggle with each of these often, which is one of the reasons that I think I have issues being engaging on a consistent basis.

I look forward to reading others blogs as this class progresses and I think we have a great group this semester. I fly home tomorrow night, so it will be nice to be back to the normal schedule soon, and hopefully I can even try some of the ideas I read about this week.


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