A Journey Through Technology

Week 9 Reflection

on November 7, 2016

This week was about how we use play in our classes. I have used games in my classes since my first year of teaching and I enjoy using them in my classes right now. My favorite game I play with my students is Go Fish for an Ion, but we also play element bingo occasionally, and Jeopardy and Kahoot! are my favorite review games. Each week I feel a bit more at ease about gamifying my classroom, and the reading this week helped with that as well. There are so many possibilities of types of games to use, and a variety of ways within the gamified classroom to use them. I’m looking forward to putting my plan together with more focus next week, and I’m getting so excited about trying this out in my classes!

This week I read Genevieve and Heather’s blogs. Genevieve shared some of the games she already uses with her kindergarten and 1st grade students. She also uses bingo, but has some other games that help her students, like matching capital and lowercase letters. Heather shared that she plays Pictionary with her students for vocab review, and I think that would be a great game to try in my classroom. That might have to be added to my arsenal for my gamification plan.

Each week adds one more thing for me to think about for my gamification plan, but it also is getting me more excited for what my final plan is going to look like. Can’t wait for next week!

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