A Journey Through Technology

Week 8 Reflection

on October 31, 2016

This week we looked at the story and mechanics behind gamification. Since we started this class, I’ve been thinking about how I would gamify my classroom, and I was so anxious about coming up with something I could actually use. As I taught my classes, I tried to think of ways I could incorporate gamification with my current lessons and activities, and kept concluding that this process was going to be long and difficult. I was sure I was going to fail in any attempt. However, a couple of weeks ago, I was struck with inspiration. I started coming up with so many concepts I could link together to gamify my chemistry classroom. Things started to fall into place! The readings this week helped in my process, because now I have a solid idea of my story, and the aspects that will be most useful in the gamification process, and also an idea of which game mechanics I am going to start with, and others I will play around with to potentially add in the future.

This week I read Theresa’s blog and Matt’s blog. Theresa shared something from Matera about using leaderboards without student names on them. This was something that I was concerned about because I don’t want students to feel bad if they are at the bottom. Matt mentioned how overwhelmed he felt when he read about all of the possible game mechanics, and I felt the exact same way. For some reason, when I first read through the chapters this week, I felt like I have to include everything for this to work well, and I was getting less excited about working on this. I had to stop myself and realize that starting with one or two would be perfect for right now, and over time I could try adding the different parts.

This week was exciting for me because I got to think even more about how I could gamify not only my chemistry class, but also my forensics class, and I feel like each week I am getting one step closer to having a usable game for my classroom. I’m looking forward to what the next few weeks have in store for my gamification plan.

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