A Journey Through Technology

Week 5 Reflection

on October 10, 2016

I am feeling very positive about this week. The research I found on old vs. new world teaching was very much in support of Matera’s claims. This research is helping me change the way I’m running my classroom, and I feel very encouraged about continuing with my facilitator role as a teacher instead of a traditional knowledge-delivery role. Already this year I think my students are enjoying my class more because they are a lot more involved than students have been in the past.

This week I posted on Heather’s blog. She shared a good quote from Matera about teachers needing to inspire their students to be self-motivated to learn, and I think this really is the key to getting students more engaged and learning better in the classroom.

I also posted on Larissa’s blog. She wrote about teacher’s become facilitators in the classroom and students becoming active participants in their education so they can take ownership. Her post really resonated with me because I am making an active effort to change my classroom to a more active learning environment and try to be more of a facilitator instead of a lecturer.

I am looking forward to next week, and hopefully getting together with my Aurasma group to start working on our presentation. I just received my classroom set of Google Cardboard last week, so I’m also looking forward to playing around with that this week.

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