A Journey Through Technology

Week 4 Reflection

on October 3, 2016

So many good things happened this week. I really enjoyed watching Katie’s presentation about how she gamifies her classroom, and was very intrigued about using Google Cardboard in my classroom. I talked with my principal and was able to order a class set of cardboard VR headsets. I am so excited for them to come in so I can try using them. My principal also asked me to make a presentation to the rest of the staff on how to use them, which I think is really going to help me become more well versed in them. My husband and I also received a Samsung VR headset that I’m looking forward to testing out as well. So much VR in one week!

This week I read Anthony and Mariah’s blogs and commented on them. Anthony talked about his personal experiences with VR and shared a VR resource called Nearpod. Even though it’s a paid resource, I’m looking forward to checking it out. There are so many VR apps and resources out there, now the trick is trying to sift through them all to find the ones that will work in my classroom.

Mariah talked about using Google Cardboard in a foreign language class which sounds like an amazing use of VR in the classroom. I liked the resource Mariah shared that talked about how excited students get when they use Google Cardboard in the classroom. I hope my students also get excited about using Google Cardboard or similar VR in my classroom.

I think VR is going to become a wonderful tool that I will be able to use in my classroom, whether I use it with gamification or not. I am still interested in having a gamified classroom, but I think when I first try using VR it will be in a non-gamified setting. Now I need to start finding some good chemistry VR!


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