A Journey Through Technology

Week 12: Funding Proposal

Here is my video going through my final funding proposal. I would love to know what you guys think!


Week 11 Reflection

This week we looked at what policies our districts should have concerning technology and the leadership role we should take in developing those policies. I think any district could look at the Alberta Learning and Technology Policy Framework as a guide for writing their own technology policy. Currently, my district only has a technology plan, so I feel there is definitely room for some changes to be made, and a technology policy to also be created. I completely support the idea of a technology policy being put into place, however my comfort level for being a part of the policy development has definitely changed over this week. At the beginning of this week I didn’t think I would have enough to bring to the table to become a leader for the technology policy, but after doing the readings, attending the Twitter session, and reading through the blogs of my classmates, I feel much more comfortable being a part of a technology policy team.

I contributed to the learning of others this week through the Twitter session and my blog post. As always, Twitter was very enjoyable and probably the best way I contributed to my classmates’ learning. My blog received three comments this week, which has been about average for the class, so that was also a good contribution to my classmates as well.

My learning was impacted by the readings this week, the Twitter session, and by reading Brian and Genevieve’s blogs. Brian talked about getting students and parents to buy in to the technology policies, which I think is a huge part of making a technology policy successful. Genevieve shared a resource that suggested that technology policies span about 3 years, and this made me think about how important an established timeline is to successful technology policies.

This next week I will be focused on finishing my funding proposal for my emerging technology. I am really looking forward to putting all of my ideas from this class together into my final project, and I am really looking forward to seeing my classmates proposals as well.

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