A Journey Through Technology

Week 9 Reflection

on July 18, 2016

This week we looked at BYOD and if all schools need to have a BYOD policy. BYOD, or bring your own device, allows students to bring a mobile device from home to be used at school for educational purposes. I had some experience with BYOD this past year, and I can see the benefits to a policy, but also the drawbacks. I started this week with a limited knowledge of all the issues and benefits that apply to BYOD, and by now I feel much more educated, though I don’t know that my stance has changed much. I began the week feeling like some schools/districts might benefit, but it may not be appropriate for all, and I end the week feeling the same way. Ultimately, it comes down to how well a district will support a BYOD policy with teacher training, and making sure the policy addresses all possible issues.

I impacted the learning of others this week through Twitter and my blog post. This weeks Twitter session was my first since the 23rd of June, and I realized I have really missed collaborating with my classmates! I love getting to see what everyone thinks in the moment, and also having the chance to respond right away. In my blog post, I went through my list of reasons for having a BYOD, and the issues that districts could face if it is not properly developed and implemented. Gerald, Laura, and Douglas posted their comments on my blog. This was the first week in a few that I have had three classmates post on my blog, so I feel like I was able to impact the learning of others in class better this week than in some previous weeks.

My learning was impacted by reading the resources for this week, the Twitter session, and reading Genevieve and Laura’s blogs. Again, Twitter was amazing this week and I’m now confident I don’t ever want to miss one again. Genevieve did a good job of laying out three reasons why she thinks BYOD are a good idea, all of which I agree with, but I don’t know that BYOD is the only solution for those three reasons. I shared my thoughts about problems when not all students have a device, as well as using the cloud to solve the issue of students keeping information in multiple places. Laura talked about concerns that parents have with BYOD, and I agree with those and also think that teachers probably share those same concerns. Teacher training is a huge part of a good BYOD policy, which is something I think many of us agree on.

All-in-all, this was a good week. I feel a bit more comfortable with BYOD, even though there are still many issues that need to be worked out. I can’t believe there are only three weeks of class left! I have learned so much this semester and have had such a great time in this class. Technology is not nearly as daunting as it seemed on week one, and I’m excited to move into these last few weeks as summer vacation comes to a close.

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