A Journey Through Technology

Week 7 Reflection

on July 3, 2016

This week we were looking at 3D printing and how it could change education. I could see 3D printing being very effective in chemistry, especially for the typically abstract lessons that students historically could not manipulate with their hands. I have never 3D printed, and the way that it works is completely amazing to me, so at the start of this week I will admit I was a bit leery of using it in my class, but after reading through the articles and blogs, I find myself feeling more comfortable with the idea.

I am on vacation right now, so even though I had the best intentions, I was not able to make the live Twitter session. This means my main source of helping with the learning of others was just through my blog post. I only have one comment on my blog so far this week, so I don’t know how much I actually helped others.

My learning was impacted by reading through the articles this week, finding resources on my own, and also reading and commenting on Melissa and Daysha’s blogs. Daysha mentioned the frustration she has with funding in education right now, and that even thought this is an exciting technology, the reality of using it in classrooms might be farther away than we would like. She also talked about being able to have students answer questions they would never have been able to attempt without 3D printing, such as finding the best landing spot for a shuttle on a comet. The possibilities for 3D printing seem to be almost endless! Melissa talked about being able to take digital items and turn them into physical items that students can actually put their hands on. This is very applicable in chemistry because so much of chemistry revolves around things we can’t actually see, so finding a way for students to touch and manipulate those things can really help students in understanding what they are learning about.

I look forward to next week, and hope to make the Twitter session. I actually really missed getting to interact with my classmates this week via Twitter, so I will make every effort to be available for our next Twitter session.

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