A Journey Through Technology

Week 6 Reflection

on June 28, 2016

Coding absolutely terrifies me, mainly because I have zero experience with it. As the week progressed, however, I have come to the realization that it really isn’t that bad, and if I spent some time learning about it, I think I could pick it up easily.

This week, Twitter, reading through the given readings, and reading classmates blogs all impacted my learning. As usual, Twitter was very helpful for me in understanding more about coding and how it could, and perhaps should, be used in our classrooms. I read through Genevieve and Brian’s blogs this week.

In Brian’s blog, he shared some statistics on the number of tech jobs in the future, and how that compares to the number of people actually working toward tech careers. I find it very interesting that more people aren’t getting trained in what appears to be the fastest growing career. I think if we can let more kids know about the possibilities, maybe they will move towards that career path.

Genevieve shared some cons that she had deduced from her readings this week, and I agree with all of them. The main theme is lack of knowledge or understanding of coding, and not being willing to try it. I will admit, I was in the not-willing category at the beginning of this week, but I can now see the value in using coding in some way in my classroom.

I contributed to the learning of others through my blog post this week, as well as through the Twitter session. This week, five of my classmates read and commented on my post, and the Twitter session that we had on Thursday was a good opportunity for me to share my understandings as well.

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