A Journey Through Technology

Week 5 Reflection

on June 20, 2016

This week I started with a very basic understanding of the Internet of Things, even though I didn’t know that was what it was called. I will admit that I was a bit terrified of coming up with my own device, and my minimal knowledge of the IoT was a big reason for that fear.

Twitter and reading through my classmate’s blogs were the two ways that I learned from others this week. The Twitter session on Thursday was very informative and the questions brought out a variety of answers from everyone that was present. I thought the smart oven was a very cool piece of technology, and if it ever becomes cheaper I might consider getting one! Within minutes of watching the video about the oven on my iPad, I had an ad show up on the Facebook app on my android phone! What a great example of how the Internet of Things works!

I read Sara L, Kayla, Melissa, and Jessica’s blogs. We all seem to have a strong understanding as to what the Internet of Things is, and I really liked reading about the devices everyone wants to use in their classrooms. Sara wants to have a device that can select music to fit a student’s mood. So many students are listening to music, so why not have the music fit their mood in the classroom?

Kayla had an idea for a smart desk surface that could be used for a variety of things in the classroom. I think the applications of this are endless, and I can see this actually existing in the not-so-distant future.

Melissa’s device was a pillow that keeps track of whether or not students are on-task based on how much they are moving. Part of my device idea was a way to track if a student is on-task or not, so I like the idea of having the students sit on something to measure that.

Jessica thought of a device that would be similar to a Fitbit that would track anxiety levels and cognitive strain for students. I think this is great because it is hard for students to learn if they are anxious, so learning the triggers for that anxiety or knowing when to move on to something else could help a lot of students perform better in school.

My contribution to the learning of others occurred during Twitter and my blog post for this week. Two of my classmates posted on my blog this week, so I hope I was able to contribute to their learning this week.

After spending time reading blogs and conversing during the Twitter session, I feel like I really understand the Internet of Things. I am much more comfortable with the idea of designing a device that fits into the IoT because there are so many ways that IoT can be used. This week has given me a lot to think about in terms of ways that technology can benefit my classroom, and I look forward to researching more about IoT devices that currently exist.

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