A Journey Through Technology

Week 4 Reflection

on June 12, 2016

This week I will admit I was apprehensive about the idea of a makerspace in my classroom. I didn’t know much about makerspaces, but the readings this week, our Twitter session, and reading classmates blogs really helped in my understanding. I hosted Twitter this week with Laura, which I feel was my main contribution to the learning of others this week. The session went very well and my classmates shared their thoughts and feelings about makerspaces. This helped me see that I could have a type of makerspace in my chemistry classroom. So the Twitter session was also the main source of others having an effect on my learning for the week.

I envision that as an inquiry-type lab where I give students a list of supplies and they decide what to research. This will allow students a chance to research what they choose, within reason, of course. Safety is a huge concern for me in chemistry, so this will keep students safe while still giving them an opportunity to do something they want. I definitely feel more comfortable offering a chemistry makerspace in my classroom and look forward to trying this out sometime in the near future. This could also be a part of the flipped classroom that I want to implement this next school year, so I am eager to learn more and develop something that fits in with chemistry.

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