A Journey Through Technology

Week 3 Reflection

on June 6, 2016

This week was a good week for me. I am very excited about trying out a flipped classroom, or some variation of that, starting this fall in all of my classes. Our district has started a technology plan to give teachers laptop/tablet combos that are mobile in our classrooms, and eventually give every student some sort of technology. I think a flipped classroom will work wonderfully with this plan, and I learned a lot this week about how that might look in my classroom.

I feel like I affected the learning of others this week through the Twitter session, as I was a co-host, and also through my blog post. One of the comments on my post said they could feel my excitement for flipping my classroom in my post, and that is encouraging because I want to share that excitement with not only my peers, but also my students. Twitter went very well this week, and I think we had some very good conversations about all three types of emerging technology and my classmates painted a nice picture of how that would look for different subject and grade levels.

My learning was mainly impacted through the Twitter session and also reading through Sara L, Laura, and Daysha’s blogs. Sara focused on both MOOC’s and flipped classrooms, and I found that I agree with a lot of Sara’s post concerning flipped classrooms. I really liked what she said about a student only being able to hear something once in a lecture, but they can repeat it as much as they need to with a video. Laura focused on Genius Hour, and a quote she shared really stuck with me. It was about how Genius Hour allows students to choose their own path instead of just going with the rest of the class. Genius Hour seems like a wonderful emerging tech, though looking at the posts this week, I do think it is better suited for younger grades with combined-subject classrooms. Daysha also focused on Genius Hour, and really got me thinking about what will be going on when my daughter enters into K-12 education. Daysha described one possible way for a first grade classroom to use Genius Hour, and I can only hope my daughter’s first grade class allows for such a rich learning environment!

This week really helped me feel more comfortable with flipping my classroom for this coming school year, and I am very excited to continue learning about other emerging technologies that I can use in my classroom.


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