A Journey Through Technology

Week 2 Reflection

on May 31, 2016

This week gave me a lot to think about. I was so drawn in by the idea of open learning and how it could really change the education scene around the world. I find it fascinating that there is so much free information available, and now I’m trying to figure out how I can get my students to take advantage of it. My sources of learning this week were the readings we had, reading Sara L and Gerald’s blogs, and our Twitter session on Thursday. In her blog, Sara L mentioned open learning allows for helping to differentiate a classroom, which is something I really hope to work on this next school year. Gerald described his personal experiences with open education resources, such as CK-12 and Kahn Academy. I have heard of Kahn Academy, but I’ve never really spent much time looking at it. I hope to spend some time this summer looking at the chemistry resources available there to see the options my students have. I always love the Twitter sessions because it gives everyone a chance to have conversations about what we’ve been reading and share our ideas as a group.

My contributions to the learning of others was through my blog post this week and also the Twitter session. I saw a huge correlation between open learning and the constructivist pedagogy, which others commented on as well. I see myself as a constructivist teacher, and I really think open learning is a great way for students to build their own knowledge.

I felt excited this whole week as I read about open learning and the many open education resources that are available. I am excited to start using this more in my classroom, and can’t wait to learn more!


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