A Journey Through Technology

Week 1 Reflection

on May 23, 2016

This week I found it hard to get back into the swing of things. This was the last week of school for me, so I had finals to grade and final grades to submit, plus getting my classroom organized for the summer. I feel like I didn’t start well, so I hope that next week is better for me.

We didn’t have twitter this week, so my main contribution to the learning of others was through my blog post and by reading and commenting on the posts of others. As I read through other posts, I found very common themes that were shared about emerging technology. We all used a lot of the same sources, so it makes sense that our posts are very similar. I read through Sara L, Jessica, Doulgas, and Kayla’s posts this week. It was nice to see everyone’s thoughts on what emerging technology is, and reading through their blogs helped me in my learning this week. The comments I received on my post this week showed me that I had an impact on the learning of others, as well.

Reading about emerging technology this week, specifically the Horizon Report, was exciting because I did not realize the opportunities that were out there for technology in education. I look forward to learning about some of these technologies during this class and hope I get to use a few of them in my classroom.

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