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Week 12: What evidence am I collecting for my final project – and for what purpose?

on April 16, 2016

This week I hit the half-way point for my UBD unit. I am hoping to be completely finished by next Thursday at the latest. So far, I have collected the pre-tests to show where students were when I started this unit, and also had students do self-assessments once this week. I also have my planning calendar to show how I planned the timeline for this unit, and any changes I have made to the timeline. I have a set of three different scaffolding levels for the first practice worksheet my students did, and will have similar worksheet for my second practice worksheet next week. I am trying to make the problems more challenging for my more advanced students, so I will see after self-assessments next week if that is actually the case.

My goal is for the post-test to be given next Wednesday and Thursday, so I will also have those as a comparison to the pre-test to show that learning has occurred. I am also going to give students a final post-unit self-assessment for them to share how they feel this learning process was different and if it made any difference in how they learned.

By the end of next week, I will also have student performance assessments that will be graded using a rubric based on student levels of understanding. This will be one of the types of artifacts I include in my final reflection.


3 responses to “Week 12: What evidence am I collecting for my final project – and for what purpose?

  1. aletakmay says:


    The different scaffolding levels for the practice sheets are an excellent way to differentiate. What a great variety of assessments!

    My unit is going into next week as well. As I think about it, they will need Monday to review, before giving the post test on Tuesday.

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  2. It looks like you are creating an excellent variety of evidence as you move through your unit. Good luck in finishing it up this week.


  3. katemullin17 says:


    I love the idea of an end-of-unit self-assessment for the students. Because this is different from the norm, it should be interesting to see, from their perspective, whether they found the process to be beneficial in terms of acquiring knowledge. That ability to deeply self-reflect is one thing that I miss about teaching older students.

    Good luck with the rest of your unit next week!


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