A Journey Through Technology

Week 11 Reflection

on April 11, 2016

This week I started my UBD unit in my chemistry classes, but only was able to spend two days for each class instead of the whole week. I think we will be able to make up some time this next week, but I know that I won’t get to the post-test by the end of next week.

The Twitter session this week was the main way that I contributed to the learning of others and the way others contributed to my learning. There were a lot of great stories of how things are going for everyone else, and that was very helpful for me to see as I’m thinking about how to continue things in my unit.

I’m mostly sticking to the original plan, however the plan of having different labs for kids to pick from was insane and I think in the future I will only offer different levels of the same lab for students to choose from. Looking at everyone’s blogs and twitter posts this week, I can see that we are all making adjustments, so I don’t feel so bad about having such a problem right away. I hope the remainder of the unit goes more smoothly, and I am actually looking forward to this next week to see how well I can stick to my plan.

I can’t believe there are only two weeks of class left! I have learned so much this semester and can’t wait to use more of these ideas and methods in my classroom for next school year. On to week 12!

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