A Journey Through Technology

Week 10 Reflection

on April 4, 2016

This week went well for me. In terms of me contributing to the learning of others, I think my main method was during Twitter chat again this week. I also had two people post on my blog, which I really appreciated this week. I contributed to Aleta’s learning this week by introducing her to PollEverywhere. She seems interested in that and I hope she gives it a try because it was very useful in my classroom this year.

In terms of others contributing to my learning, the main sources were the Twitter chat and the posts on my blog this week. Kate mentioned that it might be helpful to guide students away from the variables they might already understand when students select their labs, and I admit I wouldn’t have thought of doing that before. I also read through Natalie’s unit and got some ideas for types of activities I could use in my classroom, even though Government and Chemistry are such different subjects.

I’m excited to start teaching my unit, although they ways things have ended up, I’ll be lucky if I actually get started this week. I’m hoping to start on the second block day this week (Wednesday/Thursday), but it might not start until Friday if my we don’t finish our current unit on time. That means I probably won’t be finished with the unit before our deadline, but I should still have some decent artifacts from my students to work with.

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