A Journey Through Technology

Week 9 Reflection

on March 28, 2016

This was a pretty good week for me. I think that the Twitter session on Wednesday night was very insightful, and I feel like Twitter was my greatest contribution to the learning of others, as well as others’ contribution to my learning. I really look forward to Twitter each week, and actually missed it during spring break.

Another way I contributed to the learning of others this week was through my blog post. I don’t think it was one of my best, and I think that is mainly because there were so many things I wanted to discuss that I had a hard time focusing my thoughts. I didn’t want my post to be too crazy long, so I tried to hit the main points that I wanted, but I didn’t go as in depth as I wanted. If I were to redo the post this week, I would focus more on grading and motivation instead of trying to talk so much about types of assessments as well.

I read through Amber, Sara, and Genevieve’s blogs this week and each of them contributed something to my learning this week. Sara talked about how she would like to change things, but it doesn’t necessarily fit with district requirements, and I see this as an issue as well. I would love to change the way grades are given for my students, but will need to spend some time working on what that will look like so it still fits requirements. Genevieve shared the learning scale she uses in her classroom and I think I could adapt that to better fit my high school classes. Students need more useful feedback from their teachers, and that learning scale would be a great way to give my students better feedback. Amber mentioned using low stakes feedback to keep students from feeling too pressured, which will hopefully get them more intrinsically motivated in class. I also hope that by using more feedback, my students will feel more comfortable and less stressed about learning chemistry, and this will help them become more motivated to learn.

I look forward to the next few weeks as I start the UBD unit. I’m excited to see how the differentiation techniques that I am going to use will change how my students learn, and what the classroom dynamic will be like.

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