A Journey Through Technology

Week 5 Reflection

on February 22, 2016

This week went better for me individually and I also think it went better for our group. I think we did a lot better with our group communication, and it looks like our Wiki is almost completed. We were able to talk via email and establish roles for everyone, thanks to a wiki role link Larissa found for us. I volunteered to be the “Discussion Starter” for the group and communicated with everyone via email, as well as discussion on our blog to establish a deadline for when we wanted to have the Wiki finished. Each group member picked a different role for the wiki and we agreed that Friday should be our goal to have our research finished. I know we didn’t quite reach that goal, but we got most of the technologies posted by Saturday. I think I could have done better as the “Discussion Starter” and that I could have tried to touch base with group members more often than I did.

I learned a lot this week about both of the assistive technologies I researched, Memo to Me and wordQ, as well as how a wiki can be run with a group. I am in awe at the number of assistive technologies that are available, and I look forward to talking with the special ed teachers at my school to learn more about what we offer for our students. I really liked the group role sheet that Larissa shared with us, and I’m thinking of ways I could have my students use a wiki in class and utilize those roles.


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