A Journey Through Technology

Week 3 Reflection

on February 8, 2016

This week was both a good week and a bad week for me. It was good in that I learned a few different ways to try and get parents involved in the differentiation process, and it was bad because I am starting to get very overwhelmed thinking about how to actually implement a differentiated classroom.

This week the main way I learned from others was from our Twitter chat session on Wednesday night. One thing that really stands out to me was the mention that part of the reason parents might not be as involved at the secondary level is that they don’t understand the subject matter for all of the classes. Another way way I learned from others was by reading blogs. Cherie mentioned in her blog that she was able to build relationships with the parents in her class because she has the same students she had last year as kindergartners. In the past, I’ve taught both regular and AP chem, so from year to year there would be a few students looping back, but this year I started at a new school, so its been a fresh start for me. I hope in the future I’m able to establish a loop with some of my students, because I really think that would help communication with parents because they would already know me from the previous year.

I think the main way I contributed to the learning of others this week was through the Twitter session. Twitter has been so helpful for this class, and I think we get a nice groove going, even though Twitter was really glitchy this week. I did not have any interaction with my essential question blog this week, however Catherine enjoyed the game I posted this week and shared that with me.

I hope as the weeks go on I get less overwhelmed by the differentiation process and that I can continue to learn a lot from my classmates. Here’s to a good week four!


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