A Journey Through Technology

Week 1 Reflection

on January 25, 2016

This was a very hectic week for me. Yet again I waited until the last minute to get my blog post done, which I am going to try and do better on for week 2. I had a great time co-hosting Twitter with Larissa on Wednesday, and I can’t wait until our session this coming week.

I think I contributed to the learning of others mainly through the Twitter session this week. Larissa and I each came up with 5 questions, though we didn’t get through all of them, and there were some really engaging discussions shared by those who participated. Twitter was also the main source of others contributing to my learning. It was nice to see how everyone answered each question, and to see the variety of classrooms in which we all teach.

Although I didn’t have any comments from others on my blog, the process of writing my blog was very eye opening to me because I realized that I really didn’t have a grasp on what differentiation actually is. I thought of it as teaching the same concept in multiple ways, and then individualizing activities for each student. I think I’m getting a better idea of what is involved, but I look forward to the coming weeks to gain an even better understanding of what differentiation will look like in my classroom.

I look forward to next week as we delve deeper into exploring differentiation and how we will each go about trying it out in our classrooms.

One response to “Week 1 Reflection

  1. I also found the blog to be eye opening. I am learning so much from everyone, and I’m enjoying having the freedom to personalize my posts. They would be much more sterile if they were posted to Blackboard. Thanks again for the Twitter session. It was a bit crazy hectic, but fun! 🙂


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