A Journey Through Technology

Week 13 Reflection

on December 7, 2015

This week I felt organized, but still had some trouble writing my first draft of my paper. The thing that was hardest for me was finishing up my data organization and analysis, but once I finished with that, I just had to finish compiling everything together for my rough draft.

I learned quite a bit by reading both of my Critical Friend papers. I was a Critical Friend for Sara and Tristan, and their papers helped me see some areas that I could make my paper better, for example, I was able to come up with a more engaging title after reading both Sara’s and Tristan’s papers. I also learned a lot about what each of them did in their projects, and I think I might try using both of their technology ideas in the future in my classrooms.

Cherie was a Critical Friend to me this week, and I really appreciate all of the feedback she gave me. She gave me something to think about with respect to my inconclusive data, and I think I’m going to go back and see if I can triangulate all of my data together to support my research question. Her suggestion about recording the class to measure engagement might help me get a better measure if I choose to continue research in the future, but it would change my method because then I would need to notify students of the research.

I contributed to the learning of others this week through my Critical Friend feedback for both Sara and Tristan. I tried to give thorough and helpful feedback for both of them. I shared places I would make changes, and also scored them using the rubric based on what I saw in the rough draft. I hope they found my feedback useful and that it helps them as they write their final drafts this week.

I can’t believe we are headed into the last week of class. This should go smoothly as long as I can pace myself on writing my final draft. If I take it a little bit at a time, I should be able to finish without too much stress.

2 responses to “Week 13 Reflection

  1. Tristan says:

    You made mention of putting an explanation with each of my appendices so I wanted to let you know what I found out because I was confused as to whether to put it in the research or the appendix by what the rubric had said. I checked with Dr. Graham and she said there should be no explanation in the appendices, but the explanation should be in the research. I just wanted to let you know what she said so you could have it how she wanted in your paper as well if you didn’t already do that.

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