A Journey Through Technology

Week #13: What has your research shown?

on December 4, 2015

Action Research Paper Draft 1

2 responses to “Week #13: What has your research shown?

  1. clindquist17 says:

    Sarah, I have to say that I am already impressed with your paper! Your introduction is well set up and I like how it clearly states your research question at the end of the section.

    I am proofreading as I go and found this in your Lit Review: Multiple research studies have been conducted and have found a strong correlation between the use of an ARS and increase student participation and engagement.

    I think you should change increase to increased.

    Your Lit Review was very well written!

    I am curious if all your students had cell phones? If some didn’t, what did they use or were they excluded from the research?

    Is it possible to put Figure 1 all on the same page? It would help to see the headings and make it easier to compare your classes.

    I think that you could use the data you said was inconclusive to lend to your conclusive data as a triangulation that students are engaged using clickers. I know you are trying to determine if they were more engaged, but I think with the data you did get and the surveys they filled out, they were more engaged.

    I like that you want to continue researching this topic. Could you set up your laptop to video record students? You might see a lot more than trying to write down observations while teaching.

    You wrote that the remaining class data is in Appendix C, but I don’t see Appendix C in your paper.

    You did an excellent job with your paper. I am very impressed! I wish I would have written mine more like you wrote yours. I might make some changes after reading your paper.

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    • Sarah K says:

      Thanks Cherie! I appreciate the proofreading because I probably would not have caught that on my own. I will have to go back and add appendix c, I completely forgot to do that. Unfortunately, the kids without clickers didn’t get to use technology, so that is something in working on for future use. I had them answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper to hand in at the end of class. They weren’t very enthusiastic about the clickers, and I really don’t blame them. Hopefully I can find a better way to include them in the future.

      I will also check the formatting for the figures again. I tried to do that before I was done, but I Word was being temperamental so it didn’t stay that way.

      Thanks so much for your detailed feedback! I will use this as I work on my final draft this week. I didn’t feel very confident about this draft, so it makes me feel a bit more at ease that you thought it looked pretty good.


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