A Journey Through Technology

Week 11 Reflection

on November 16, 2015

This week really helped me feel more at ease about getting started writing up my research. I feel confident in the sections I’ve chosen to use for my paper and will probably start putting an outline together within the next few days. I finished data collection this week, which is a relief, but now comes the trickiest part of putting everything together.

I think my blog post this week was helpful for a few classmates based on the comments I received on my post, and my classmates helped in my learning by sharing their take on the format of a research paper. I really like that everyone has their own plan for how they are writing up their research because it is helping me see other aspects of the format I hadn’t thought about, but might be useful for me as well. I had not thought about having separate sections for a conclusion and was planning on including that in my discussion section, but that may be something I add, depending on how the discussion section ends up.

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