A Journey Through Technology

Week 11 Data Collection Update

on November 16, 2015

I concluded my data collection this week. I was able to observe one more session of using Poll Everywhere in class, and I gave students the Likert-survey one more time, and also had them do an open-ended survey using questions I had originally intended to use as focus group questions. I also ended up with another piece of data from the Poll Everywhere program, which is a participation log for each time I used the polls in my classes. I don’t quite know how to use this information yet, but it will be available as I work on analyzing my data.

I already went through the open-ended surveys and coded a few of the questions, and I will be spending more time this week delving a little deeper into the student responses to see what else I can get from them. I’ve already taken a look at the Likert survey results, and I’ve noticed that there is not much change from the beginning surveys to the final surveys, but I will examine them a bit more to see if they might still be able to give me some useful information. I am going to revisit some of the articles from my literature review to see how they analyzed data, and hopefully some of them will be helpful for interpreting small changes in Likert data.

I’m really looking forward to organizing my data and starting the write-up process. Even though I’m not going to be collecting anymore data for my research, I can tell that using Poll Everywhere is having a positive impact in my classes, so I will be continuing using it on a regular basis in my classes.

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