A Journey Through Technology

Week 10 Reflection

on November 9, 2015

This week felt very rushed for me. Our Twitter sessions on Tuesday nights seem to be hit or miss for me, and this week was more of a miss. I followed along on questions, though I think I only answered one. I feel like I contribute more to the class through my blog post and commenting on others blogs. I was able to get my blog post done on Thursday night, which helped me feel a little less stressed out on Friday.

On my blog this week, I feel like I helped others in their learning based on the comments I received. Reading through my classmates blogs also helped me see other aspects of the question this week that I didn’t think of on my own, so that definitely contributed to my learning. I like that Tristan used the word “trustworthiness” in her post, because that helps narrow the whole essential question for this week down to one focus. I also noticed that we all seemed to agree that student confidentiality should be the main focus of our project with respect to ethics. I feel like when we all agree on something, it helps validate what we are all thinking.

This next week is my last week for data collection, and it is going to be a very busy week. I can’t believe how fast this class has gone by! On to week 11!

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