A Journey Through Technology

Week 10 Data Collection Update

on November 9, 2015

This week was a decent week for data collection. I observed classes on one day using Poll Everywhere while we took notes. I used a tally sheet to help me streamline my observations, and it helped a little bit, but I am still struggling to find a balance between recording observations and teaching. As data collection comes to a close, I think that my observation notes are not going to be as in depth as I originally intended. Overall, I feel like using Poll Everywhere is having an impact on engagement in class, but I don’t know how well my observations are going to support that.

This coming week is the last week for data collection, so there will be a lot more data that will be collected. I think students will have one more day in class that we will use Poll Everywhere, plus I will be giving them the same Likert survey that they took the first week of data collection. I lieu of having focus groups or individual interviews, I will be giving all my students an open-ended survey on what they think about using Poll Everywhere. I think these surveys will provide the most informative piece of data in my project.


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